1. Is this giveaway created by Cash App?

The answer is no. We don’t have any relation with the company Cash app , however we are creating this giveaway as an independent website.

2. Is it guaranteed to win Money If i participate?

If you are one of our winners then yes it is guaranteed that you are going to receive the money.

3. Do i have to pay a fee when i participate?

No we won’t ask you to pay anything! our sponsors cover the fee for you to participate 100% for free.

4. Can i participate more than once?

We only allow 1 entry per person , that way we allow as many people to win the money. However you can check your email from time to time in case we may do another giveaway.

5. How can i participate?

You have to go visit https://www.goodday.life Using your smartphone, enter your real email ( so we can contact you) and your cashapp ( so we can send you the money). Click continue and you will be redirected to download 2 apps and open them for 30 sec. When you finish email us the code we gave you to admin@goodday.life

6. How can i guarantee my win?

The more apps you download , the more chances you will have to win.